Brigger Chairs

Brigger chairs provide ergonomic comfort. The seat follows the contour of the body with soft support under the knees, adjustable lumbar support, and support of the back with a choice of back heights.

Leather Chair in Loose Square

High Back Chair

High-back chairs provide support for the whole body, including the shoulders, neck, and head. They are great chairs when you are concerned about your very personal comfort and relaxation.

Ultra Suede Fabric in Graphite with Loose Tufting

Loose Square Tufting

HUltraSuede Fabric in Peat with Staggered Tufting

Staggered Tufting

Ultra Suede Fabric in Moonstone with Dense Tufting

Dense Square Tufting

High Back Chair with Ottoman

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Low Back Chair

Low & Medium Back Chairs

Chairs without a headrest are great for general sitting areas in homes or offices. They come in two versions: Medium back chairs provide back support to the shoulders for tall persons, and neck and head support for shorter ones.
Low back chairs with their lower overall profile and excellent lumbar and lower back support make attractive general purpose chairs for relaxed sitting in homes or public places.
Medium and low back chairs come in standard sizes for general sitting areas but can be customized in size to fit your body or personal needs.

Medium Chair

Medium Back

Low Back Chair

Low Back

Low-Back Chair

Low Back

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Dining Chair

Dining Chair

Enjoy ergonomic comfort around the dining table or at the office with our Dining/Desk Chairs, with optional tilt.

Dining Chair
Dining Chair
Dining Chair

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