“Zero Gravity” we cannot experience on earth, but the horizontal comfort position astronauts assume during lift-off supports the body evenly and at its most comfortable.

Brigger Flip Flop Recliner in Zero Gravity Position

No wonder recliners that take you to the near horizontal have acquired the connotation of “zero gravity” ultimate comfort as the pressure on your spine recedes and your heart is relieved. Add the ergonomic profile of the back and you realize why the reclined position really is utterly relaxing.

We call our’s the FipFlop recliner because is allows you to flip from the upright sitting posture to zero gravity like relaxation with a simple foot initiated flip to the horizontal. The return trip is equally direct. The round trip makes you move your muscles both on the way up and down. In between in the reclined position, both back and heart relax We call it active relaxation. It’s healthy, ‘zero gravity’, and its fun.

The Ultra Recliner does the same but lets you lock your “zero gravity” recliner in any in-between position that you find restful or suitable for your favorite pass-time.

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Flip FLop In Reclined Position

Flip Flop Recliner

The position of the Flip-Flop is either sitting up or fully reclined.
The Ultra-Recliner with two handles and a twist lock can recline incrementally. Both have tilting footrests that store under the seat.