Dear Ms. Klein:

Your Ultra Recliner arrived here a while ago and I am absolutely delighted with it — thank you It is the most comfortable chair I have ever owned and possibly the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in. The Recaro seats I had in an old Porsche several years ago were almost as comfortable but not quite as adaptable, of course.

Forty-some years ago I worked briefly for the designers Charles and Ray Eames, so I got to sit in several of their chairs. Most were very good indeed at doing what they were designed for; but their top-of-the-line famous two-part leather and bent-wood “Eames Chair” never felt as good as it looked. It was nowhere near as comfortable as your Ultra Recliner chair and not significantly adaptable, of course.

Thank you! I’d like to buy one or two more, but the room isn’t ready yet. Will you be continuing to make your various chairs for some time yet? You won’t be retiring soon, I hope.

At the moment, my only problem with your chair is that I find myself watching junk television just so I can sit in it.

Best Wishes

Alastair R.